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Weber W131 Professional Upright Piano

Weber pianos feature Delwin D. Fandrich designed soundboard to provide more soundboard mobility and produce deep and rich bass sound.

Yamaha U2 Upright Piano

Not often available to piano shoppers in the U.S., this U2 upright piano is an excellent choice for piano players whose skills have surpassed the U1 and yet not quite ready for the U3.  This piano has been factory refurbished which plays and looks like new.

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

U1 is perhaps the most popular among the Yamaha upright piano family.  This piano has been refurbished in the factory.  It plays and looks like new.

Yamaha P22 Upright Piano

Vogel 121 Upright Piano

Produced at Schimmel Piano’s Kalisz, Poland restoration and manufacturing facility, Vogel pianos have received praises for their quality and value to customers.  It is one of a few true 100% made in Europe pianos produced today.

Yamaha P22 Studio Upright Piano

Yamaha W Professional Upright Piano

Yamaha W120BS Upright Piano

Young Chang YP-48 Upright Piano

Excellent piano with rare cabinet style

Young Chang YP-52 Professional Upright Piano